Changing text formatting on horizontal lines NOT annotations

Dorico 4.3

I need to change the text formatting on a per-horizontal-line basis for a great number of lines (>100) and ideally have a mix of font styles (e.g., italic & normal) in the same line. To do what I show below took at least 3 minutes and as far as I can tell can be italic OR non-italic rather than a mix (like a text box). It involved creating a new annotation and attaching it to a newly defined horizontal line. I need something more flexible. Can Dorico do this?

I’ve read a number of threads that circle around the topic but don’t help. Font styles don’t help since all text, no matter what style is selected in the line editor, vanishes when I enter the text needed just for that measure, e.g., the “rit. a lento” below. Lower panel setting, which erases that font style setting:

(Since each line needs different text, this was the fastest way I found to enter that text.)

You can’t use rich text with formatting changes in line annotations at the moment, Jonathan. It’s something we would like to extend in future, but it’s not possible right now.

Thank you! I’ll figure out a work around or (more likely) give up on it.