changing the "1" tool object selection tool doesn't follow

Changing the behavior of the object selection tool using the 1 key doesn’t follow in the arrangement window. The icon lags behind until the pointer is moved away from / onto an audio event.


It works for me here. Once I hit “1” the icon changes, same as the mouse cursor changes. It doesn’t matter where the mouse pointer is in the arranger area.

That’s really strange

Try switching to “combine selection tool” - then I’m sure it will happen at your end too :slight_smile:


I see, now I got it. You mean the mouse-cursor doesn’t follow correctly. The icon in the toolbar does follow as expected, right?

Yes, I can reproduce it, now. Reported to Steinberg, thank you.

You got it :+1:

I think the actual behavior of the tool is ok it’s just the icon I believe but needs to be tested of course


Yes, the actual working is correct. Once you move the mouse, the mouse pointer changes to the right one too.

not corrected in the new update FYI

still not fixed


It has also not been mentioned in the Release Notes as fixed.