Changing the automatic a2 and such when condensing?


Small question here, is it possible to edit the automatic a2 that Dorico uses when condensing?

It’s a small thing, but it bothers me that it is spelled “a 2” with a space and not “a2”, and it’s also specified at the beginning of every page if it cuts during an a2. Is there an option I’m missing to set those up differently? Like specifying how the a2 should be spelled, or how it repeats on each bar/system/page?

The only option I found was to edit the text manually in the properties while in engraving mode, but if I have to do it on an entire large orchestral project, it’s quite time-consuming…


Engraving options>Condensing>Text for “to” indication… (just remove the trailing space)


Wow, that was fast, thank you very much! I saw that parameter but I didn’t check if the space was in there, very good to know!

If anyone knows how to specify when the a2 should show up on page turns, I’m still interested, but that already solves my main issue

I think your issue has already been brought up but has not been resolved yet.

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just out of curiosity: why would one want to remove the space between the two words?

That’s how I’ve always done before, I find it more neat and short than having a space, even if I saw scores using it.

With or without the space are both allowed nowadays (as long as you’re consistent) but historically, being an abbreviation of Italian a due or French à deux, the space really should be there. As so often, it was Anglophone publishers who first started disregarding this etymology.

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being French, seeing it without the space triggers my inner mad-grammarian-monster.

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