Changing the automatic dividing of notes

Hey, is there any way to disable the automatic dividation of a long note in one bar?

In Dorico it looks really complicated:
Beispiel Dorico

Can someone help me to change it? Thanks :smile:

It’s not possible to disable, but it is possible (and very easy) to change…
Select the downstem tied C. Hit U (untie) O (force duration) 7 (minim/half duration).
Select the upstem chord and repeat… UO7.
Job done.

However, if you did do this, I suspect you would have many musicians gnashing their teeth! It’s not very good practice to notate this way.


A better way to notate this (less cluttered but still correct) is with dotted quarters:
Dotted quarters
You can get these by default without having to force duration with these two settings in Notation Options: