Changing the background bitmap on Macro Page by script

I created a virtual instrument in Halion 6. Currently, the Macro Page has a static background image.
I want to change the background image based on the value of the two basic control knobs of my UI. I imported Bitmaps for all possible combinations of the two knobs into the resources and now want to access them via lua script.
How can this be done?

Hi @exajoule

First you need to create a stack for the background image. Duplicate the image control as many times as you need. Connect each of the duplicates to different bitmap image. Then you need a parameter that will control the stack. It can be a UI variable or any other parameter (integer).


You need to create callbacks for those two knobs and work out the logic of switching the background. Something like - if knob 1 is bigger than 50 and knob 2 is 0 then background stack = 1