Changing the chord progression of a piano or organ midi file

So let’s say hypothetically my progression is CMajor x2 and Dminor x2.
Is there a feature in cubase where I can change the progression to E Major x2 G# Major x2 for example?

The reason I ask is I have lots of really nice live dynamic piano midi a friend has played (I can’t play) and want to take the groove, feel and embelishments variations etc rather than just programming notes.
Not sure if there is a function for something like this.

Just go into the midi editor and move the midi info up or down my friend…or have I misunderstood :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for response that would be easy if the progression is an equal number up or down but what if its not?

Actually this might be more achieveable if the was a command that selected all the notes for a chord - do you know if there is such a command?

Yeah it’s easy, you read the chord symbols in for that MIDI track, and a chord track will be created at the top with those chords. (Project Menu > Chord Track > Create Chord Symbols)

You then set the MIDI track to ‘follow’ chord track (Using the left sidebar under ‘chord track’), and pick the follow mode ‘chord’ mode or ‘chord and scales’ - see what works, there’s lots of options.

You can then change the chords using chord track at the top of the screen, you can add new ones, delete them etc… For example:- A Lot of people play the rhythmic pattern/grove they want by playing nothing but a C Major and then use Chord Track to convert into chord progressions.

From that you can keep adding MIDI tracks and set them to follow chord track, and for Bass parts you can select single voice follow mode etc.

Note: As you’re not using the Chord Track to generate MIDI data then you can ‘mute’ the Chord Track to prevent it playing additional chords into monitor enabled tracks.

That worked perfectly, thank you for the tip!