Changing the default fade

Hi all,

I don’t use linear fades that much which happens to be the default everywhere in WL7.

In audio montages, I defined sine as the default fade and equal power as the default crossfade using the preset/drawer tools. However, the next time, they’re back to linear.

In audio file editing, I wonder if the default can be changed also so I don’t need the mouse and menu every time.


You need to save the montage as a montage template after changing the default fade-in fade-out or crossfade. (file/save special, as template). Otherwise the changed defaults only apply to the montage you made them in.

For the audio file editing, there’s a default fade control in the menu Options/Audio File editing prefs, but I’m not sure it controls what you need controlled.

Gee - that certainly explains it. Thanks for clarifying!


I don’t think that’s it, although I must admit I don’t know where that parameter comes in.

What I’d like to do is select a region at the beginning/end of a file and hit, say, cmd-F for fade or cmd-D for easy fade. But the resulting fade should be sine rather than linear.


Options > Audio file Preferences > Editing > Default fade.

So the curve that is selected in this dialog will be applied to the Easy Fade command (cmd-D), correct? I didn’t know that, because the way that is lumped together with the 10 ms default fade time made me think it’s applied elsewhere, perhaps when trimming or something.

So cmd-D for your preferred curve and cmd/shift-F for a linear fade.

Thanks a bunch!