Changing the DEFAULT Full Score/Part Master Pages

Hi! Hopefully this question makes sense. I am not looking to create a “new” master page set for the settings I want to have for each full score of mine. I would like to instead change the system default master pages to my desired settings across the full program, in effect making sure that every new score I create ALREADY has the master page settings I want, not having to import a custom set. Is this possible at this moment? Or do I need to go and create a brand new, custom set of master pages for my scores and import them into each new score I create? Thank you!

If you have Dorico 4, you can do this by setting up one project how you like, then saving that as a project template. New projects that start from that template pick up its page templates.

You can also use the Library Manager to import page template sets from other projects, rather than using the export/import function that pre-dated the Library Manager.

Thank you! I had known of the project template saving, but I guess I wasn’t taking full advantage of the feature! This will significantly quicken my engraving workflow!