Changing the default music font?

At some point in the past, I set a different default music font for all my documents, but I can’t remember how to set this?

NB: I know where the Music Fonts dialog is, but that doesn’t change the default.

Engrave Menu > Music Fonts

Are you sure that changes the music font for all new documents?

I don’t think there’s officially a way of doing this, Ben. I guess there might be some backdoor method, but I can’t think what it is, off the top of my head…

And yet I must have done it! I’m having some trouble with glyphs not displaying in the right-hand panels. I suspect it’s something in the User XML files.

There really isn’t an official way of doing this, because you can’t do Save as Default in the Font Styles dialog.

However, the unofficial method is to change this line:

You’ll need to close Dorico and reopen it for the change to take effect.
Do Save a copy of the userlibrary.xml before you start fiddling with it. Your investments may fall as well as rise etc.
I’m only mentioning it because you’ve presumably figured this out for yourself at some point in the past…

This is definitely possible to do inadvertently. I’ve done it myself, in the process of setting up my own default template. And no, I have no idea how. But saving something else as default strung the Default Music Font along.