Changing the default rhythm style

One of the hardest things sometimes on these forums is to formulate the best question in order to get the correct answers.

So I will try.

I’m copying a score in 12/8 and the notation in the first bar is;
Three quarter notes one dotted quarter another Quarter note and one eighth note.

When I try to input notes the second quarter note defaults to two eighth notes tied together.

How to I change this to what I have on my score?

Any help would be great



Use the Force Note Duration (clamp icon, or the “O” key) option to enter rhythms that defy the common interpretations of the time signature. If you use the rhythmic pattern consistently, you could define the meter via the popover as [2+2+2+3+3]/8.

Your question is about how to subdivide rythmically a 12/8. As seen here on another thread (advanced search for +dorico +metric +subdivisions), you press shift+M. In the popover you can tell Dorico that you want [2+2+2+3+2+1]/8

Hope this helps

Thanks for that.

This is just what I need, but I do need to know more because as soon as I press enter or exit it goes back to what I had.
The shift+m dialog box also show 3/4 when my time sig is 12/8

I will search as you have suggested


I see the popover, makes sense, I know how to do this in sibelius but the popover says 3/4 can’t see how to change it to 12/8 I enter (222321)/8 then what do I do?
If I press enter nothing changes.

I don’t see answere in the other threads.

Still trying

You need to type exactly what Derrek said, i.e.


Note, the brackets are [ and ], not ( and ). That might cause problems if you are not using an UK or UK keyboard layout.

Typing something similar, like (222321)/8, won’t work!

You need the plus signs too.

Thanks again Derrek

Yes I did miss the plus signs and the forced duration.

I think I have it now