Changing the feel

Hey all,
I’m currently working on a song that starts out in 3/4 and changes to a 4/4 feel midsong. I started with playing a piano part in midi against the 3/4 click, laying down chords on the 1, so it doesn’t matter if the meter is 3/4 or 4/4. Now I want to add midi percussion and I want to let the click run in 4/4 from midsong onwards. I tried altering this in the tempo track but from the 4/4 point onwards Cubase just adds one count to the bar. That’s not what I want. I want the bar to last just as long as the 3/4 bar, but then with a 4/4 feel instead of a triplet feel. Maybe I should have started out with a 4/4 meter and quantize to triplets, but I didn’t. How can I change the meter the way I want without re-recording the piano part?
Any thoughts?


I’m afraid, it is not possible to solve your problem by changing signature from 3/4 to 4/4. The signature works exactly the same, is it works in classical score. It means, this sets number if beats in one bar.

But if you want to change the feeling, you don’t need record it again. Use MIDI Function or Logical presets (I’m not in Cubase, now, I can’t check, which one exactly is this). You can find something like double tempo, half tempo, etc. Probably, these are in Lgical presets. Open this in the Logical Editor, change the settings to 1/3, or 3times (shorter/longer). Cubase will create triplets from your stright notes.

This should do, what do you want.

Thanks for the tip! I got it working using midi time stretch…

Yes, this is similar, great, solution.