Changing the first (and only) tempo marker in a song

Can someone please tell me if I am doing something wrong?

I am selecting the first tempo marker in a song, which happens to be the only change, so for example 120BPM and sure enough I can drag it to the speed I want it to go, say 118BPM but no way can I just click it or select it then manually enter a value even if “linear tempo mode” is engaged.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for any replies.

hmm… that’s strange. Are you doing this in the Tempo track in the Project window, or in the tempo Track Editor window? Do you see its value in the Info Line? (btw, if you are in the Tempo Track Editor window, don’t forget that, since Cubase 5.1, the old Tempo “Box” is just an indicator of the current tempo, and actual editing takes place only in the Info Line :wink: )

hmm yes…

Right, so I cannot use that little box even though it appears to be editable.

Ridiculous! one would would think no?

Oh and while I’ve got an expert on the line :ugeek: what is the point of Linear Tempo Mode?

Is it something to do with Linear and Musical Time?

Doesn’t seem to do much

(a bit of Cubase “history” :wink: )…
That “box” in the Tempo Track Editor window, used to be where tempo editing took place. On the other hand, until Cubase 5.1, the Tempo Track Editor had no Info Line.
With Cubase 5.1 came the addition of optionally showing a Tempo Track, and Time Signature Track, in the Project window itself. It made obvious sense to do Tempo event editing, from the Project window, via the regular Info Line, while the displayed Tempo in the Transport Bar, just shows the current tempo.
So, logically, IMHO, they reworked the Tempo Track Editor window to behave the same way.

As regards “Fixed” tempo vs “Track” tempo (btw, in Fixed mode, that tempo box, whether in the Transport Bar or in the Tempo Track Editor window, is in fact still used to change the fixed tempo), it does come in useful sometimes (no, nothing to do with Linear vs Musical Timebase)… If your Project just uses one single tempo, then it avoids having to use the Tempo Track at all, but it is also very useful for, say, setting it to a fairly low tempo, so you can switch to it from Track mode, in order to play some MIDI that is too difficult at the tempo in the Tempo Track.
Also, (especially prior to the new Tempo Track in the Project window), it is the quickest way of trying out different tempos.

Cool but why have anything in the Transport Panel at all?

In particular you cannot remove the tempo options which is sad since I have many other things I could use that space for :angry:

It is no wonder people find it confusing, Tempo Map, Tempo Track, Linear Time/Linear Tempo, Musical Time, sample accurate MIDI it just goes on and on.

Maybe we can ask Mr Steinberg to further streamline the situation in relation to the tempo since mostly while I have the infoline open it’s not my “go to” place for much at all except the odd transpose or as I will admit Time Signature Change, and I guess now maybe tempo but still why have an edit type box that can’t be edited.

Cheers and thank you