Changing the granularity of cursor advance

I’m entering figured bass for a piece in 6/4 and the cursor is advancing 3 beats per entry. I would like it to advance to the next note, e.g. if I have a half note followed by a quarter note, I’d like it to allow me to enter a figured bass for both notes instead of skipping the quarter note to move to the next ‘strong’ meter. I’m sure this is a simple setting somewhere. I’ve looked through Notation Options and don’t see anything (although that doesn’t mean it’s not there), and I can figure out a good search text for what I’m looking for.
Thanks in advance…

Have a look down the bottom left hand corner.


The popup there allows you to select the cursor advance value. I think this is what you are after, no?

Also see:

Changing the rhythmic grid resolution (

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Thanks. I thought of that (but didn’t actually tweek it because it was set on an 8th note and my cursor was jumping three quarter notes. I just tried changing it to a quarter note and that didn’t change anything – still skipping ahead 3 beats.

The rhythmic grid should work if you use the right arrow to advance. If you press space, the caret advances by three quarters, because 6/4 is [3+3]/4. And tab should advance to next bar. At least, this is how it works for chord symbols, IIRC.
[Edit/RTFM]: Lillie explains it all… in the manual

Ah, perfect! I was using Space. Thanks!! (I will now go dutifully read Lillie’s explanation. They are always informative and helpful.)

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And I can see looking at Lillie’s page in the manual that instead of searching on terms like ‘cursor granularity’ or ‘advancing the cursor,’ I should have thought to search on ‘Navigation…’ Another lesson learned. I keep thinking I should just sit and read the entire manual rather than just try and learn what I need when I need it…:slight_smile:

Having Space and arrows corresponding to two different distances is very useful.

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The difficulty here is that the cursor, the caret, and popovers are all different things. Nonetheless I will make a note of your search terms and consider some additions for the various topics about popover navigation (lyrics and chord symbols, for example).