Changing the indent for just one Coda

I want to change the indent of just one Coda. I can’t find a way to just manipulate one Coda. Changing the indent globally doesn’t work, because there are lot’s of other Coda, which have to be indented.
Any suggestions?

If this is a FR, +1 from me.

If it’s not possible at the moment, it could be interpreted as a FR, yes! :slight_smile:

Sounds quite special to me. Just doing it manually by changing the Coda line’s indent/spacing in engraving mode should do the job, doesn’t it? I hope I understood you correctly…

You can do it using the note spacing tool in Engrave mode, can’t you?

The only caveat with the Note Spacing tool is, if the Coda starts at the beginning of a system you can’t decrease the indent.

Craig F is right. This is exactly my problem. I have a coda starting on the new page and my costumer doesn’t want the indent in this special case. Would be great, if this could be changed!

You can’t decrease the indent but you can increase it. But (unless this has changed since the version when I discovered it) you can’t increase it if the default is set to 0.

So a work round is set the default to something invisible (e.g. 0.001 spaces) and then increase the indent on all the codas except the special one.