Changing the instrument names in the setup player selection list to default

Some time in the past I have accidentally changed some intrument names and cannot get them back to default - it’s not about the instrument names in the project, these are alright, it’s only some instrument names in the setup player selection list that are displayed wrong (e.g. “Horn 4 in F” instead of just “Horn in F”).
Following Lille Harris’ advice in the facebook group, I upload an example project here, perhaps someone can help.

La Vie En Rose 20220530.dorico (712.0 KB)

It looks to me like you at some point did a ‘Save as default’ in an Edit Name dialog. This is stored in your userlibrary.xml file. You may need to hand edit this file to remove the saved default.

Sounds like the solution I was thinking of - although I did not know what file to manually change. Can you tell me where I find the userlibrary.xml file? Thanks a lot!

On Windows it’s at %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 4

I will need to do a search to find the MacOS location.

~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4

Copy and paste that into Finder > Go > Go to Folder (including the ~ on the front, which is crucial)

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Thanks @pianoleo

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Thank you very much, it works!

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