Changing the language on DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT


How do I change the language from German to English within Steinberg’s Download Assistent app. I would be very grateful for your assistance in this matter. Thank you!

I suppose it follows your computer region and language settings.

BTW, I am running Windows 11 Pro 23H2 Build 22631.3374 in English. … That’s the point!

Well Cubase doesn’t let you set the language so it is doubtful that the Download Assistant does either. A quick look at it also told the same story. Maybe reinstall it, I’d assume that’s when the language gets set.

So, I asked the MS Copilot AI. Sorry it’s just an image. It used to Copy/Paste nicely, but not today. The boxes at the bottom are suggested additional queries.

Cubase allows you to change the interface language, independent of the system language. In English it is under Edit->Preferences->General


and after a restart you see the interface in German, where the language setting now is under Bearbeiten->Programmeinstellungen->Allgemeines


However, this does not apply to the Download Assistant. This seems to be related to the Windows language settings only. The only chance here is to switch the Windows Display language to German.

This is easy to do on Windows, just by adding the language via Windows Settings.

The interface language is not an issue, it’s already done and works on my end in English by default. Last but not least, I could apply the English language to the Download Assistant by switching off and on again (to English language) within the “Manage display language settings in Windows”. Well, for any reason it did the trick. I can finally relax.:slight_smile:

Thank you for your support!