Changing the Latency for MIDI in LE5

Hi guys, more problems!

I’ve got an Evolution MK-149 MIDI Keyboard, an Asio iO2 interface, and Cubase LE5 with the Lite HALion pack. Problem is, I appear to have a bit of a delay when recording MIDI. I believe this to be down to the settings with latency, although I’m not a MIDI expert.

So, could somebody please talk me through a step-by-step way to change the latency settings (possibly with advice on what the optimum setting would be once I find out how to change that setting) so that I may use MIDI properly- I’ve been using Cubase 4 in school for 3 years but LE is just different enough to confuse me!

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Alesis interfaces appear to be notorious for MIDI delay/latency. You’ll need to check in Control Panel (if you’re using Windows) to see if there’s an entry for the Alesis, and see if you can change the latency there.