Changing the length of the note

Maybe it was described here, but I have a big problem with modifying the length of note. If I want to change, for example, a sixteenth note to eighth, Dorico will write two tied sixteen notes. Would not it be like in Sibelius - choose the note and click on the number on the numeric keypad? If that’s not the case, I propose this feature for the next update!

It sounds as if your notes have forced durations: try selecting them and doing Edit > Reset Appearance, and provided it makes sense for a note to be notated as an eighth note in its current rhythmic position in the current meter, it will show as an eighth note.

Daniel, as you wrote it, it works. But it is unnecessarily complicated. Easier would be a procedure like Sibelius-just enter a number.Or can not it be set in Note Input otions? I tried a few settings, but I did not solve it

Just entering a number does work, unless you did something to stop it working (for example the notes had forced duration), or it would be a non-standard way to write the rhythm.

For example if I select the G and C in the first bar of the picture and press 5, I get the second bar.
extend notes.png

Also FYI, in case you don’t already know about it - one of my favorite commands in Dorico is alt-shift-right (or left) arrow. This will lengthen (or shorten) your note by the current rhythmic grid value (bottom left corner). Ties, dots, etc. will all be done automatically.

Or one I use constantly: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Right arrow, to double the note duration (left to halve it)!!