Changing the midi channel of a VST instrument (with midi or a shortcut)

Hi folks,

Amid a reiteration of my template built, I was wondering about the following:

Is it possible to control the midi channel of an instrument with a shortcut or midi message (only altering the channel that can be found in the inspector and nothing else like program change etc.)

I have in my template a few tracks that consist of multiple instruments (e. g sine player instance 1: Toms 1, Toms 2, Toms 3, etc.)
I would like to control to which of them the signal is sent to or to send it to all of them. (Using midi tracks to trigger the specific instruments would clutter my template a bit)

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading this far.

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Set the Channel to Any. Then setting the MIDI Channel of every single MIDI Message is the one.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if I can follow. The first part is relatively clear to me. This setting would be changed in the inspector. But the second one?
Are you speaking of a setup of a midi device or keyboard?

I’d also like to point out that I want to trigger all instruments simultaneously (of the same VST instance), which all have a different corresponding midi channel.

Best Dominik

Are you reffering to the Midi Input Transformer?
In this case, setting the midi channel to “any” helped the scenario to play all at the same time.

But how am I supposed to change this via a controller or midi message from a single mode (channel 1, channel 2, or channel 3, etc.) to a global mode (all instruments)?

Would a combination of different midi channels be possible as well (channels 1 and 3 together etc.)?

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this Martin. This is much appreciated. :wink:

All the best

I think what @Martin.Jirsak was alluding to is that if your MIDI track is set to channel “Any”, you can change the MIDI channel from your MIDI input device (keyboard or whatever it may be).

AFAIK you can’t change MIDI channels on tracks via MIDI CC or even a keyboard shortcut.
There might be other ways to accomplish the same end result however.
One way could be to utilize MIDI Sends and turn the sends on/off remotely. Another way could be to create 3 MIDI tracks instead of just one and control the Mute state of each track. I’m sure there are more ways. What are the instruments? There might be some tricks you could use on an instrument level.

Thanks for the clarification. :wink:

The procedure that both of you suggested seems to be a good compromise.
Just out of curiosity:
Is there a way to trigger the on/off state of midi sends/inserts remotely?
I could not find the command for it at least. Perhaps I overlooked something.