Changing the number of playthroughs at repeat barlines

I have a piece with several two-sided repeat barlines. The first repeat section repeats 4 times, the second repeats 4 times, and the third repeats only twice. I’ve enabled Play n times in the Properties Panel and ented 4 times, but the market “Play 4 times” does not appear, as it says it should in the Dorico Operation Manual. See screenshot attached. How can I get those Play 4 times markers to appear in the score and parts?

This is a followup question to the post I just entered. The ploayback based on “Play 4 times” works fine, but the instruction does not appear in the score.

In addition, is it possible to have one part [i.e. piano] with a “Play 4 times” indicated , while a different instrument plays a 4 bar melody in those 4 bars? In other words, can one instrument repeat a phrase 4 or more times, and another instrument have no repeats at the same time.

One alternative would be to place a repeat bar symbol in the repeating instrument [slash with 2 dots on the sides]. How do I place a that symbol in a measure? I can’t find that in the manual.

Obviously I’m new to Dorico. I’m trying to find answers to these questions in the User Guide before posting here, but not always successfully. By the way, the USer Guide is quite complete and very well done.As a former tech writer who has written user manuals, I’m impressed.

Forgive me if I’m missing something, but the “Play 4 times” is in your screenshot, above the top staff. I don’t think it shows for 2 times, because that’s the standard number of repeats for a repeat barline.

As for having some parts with written out music across the repeats vs others with repeat barlines, there’s not an automatic way of doing that - fully writing out all the bars and giving players with repeats bar repeats could be one relatively simple way of achieving that.

I’m glad to hear you’re able to find what you’re looking for in the manual. That’s what we aim for, although of course it’s always improving :slight_smile:

Thanks Lillie.I was looking for Play 4 times above the piano line i the score.

Can you tell me where to find the repeat bar symbol [slash with 2 dots] or repeat 2 bear symbol [double slash with 2 dots]?

Info about inputting bar repeats is here, with the popover entries in the table here.