Changing the numbers used for selecting rhythmic values?

By default 5 = eighth, 6 = quarter and so on. Unfortunately I’m pretty used to finale speedy entry tool in which 5 is a quarter note and 6 is an half note and so on. In there a way to change it? I couldn’t find it in the preferences but maybe I missed that.

Look in Preferences > Key Commands.

I’d recommend trying to see if you can get familiar enough with Dorico’s note durations for a bit first, though, as the logic is used elsewhere: in the entries for popovers like for tempo marks, in tuplet equations, etc.

Can you say what command I should look for? I looked for “eighth” but couldn’t find it

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Ahhh they use the british names (obviously)
I was looking for “eighth”

1/8 is also a search term format to keep in mind.
In the second screen shot I just entered " 1/ " in the search field.

Yeah I noticed. I Just haven’t thought about it for some reason