Changing the order in which objects are stacked (in order to successfully erasing the background)

I have these measures, and I’d like to delete part of the line to properly display the expression text.

Erasing the background of the dynamics doesn’t work because the line is over the text, not the other way around. Sibelius has an option to change the order in which things are stacked, is there any workaround in Dorico?


Personally, I think the lines are unnecessary. Though I’d probably move the left hand crotchets up to the treble staff and just mark them LH (left hand).

I’d play it all with the right hand. :grinning:


To the OP: I certainly hope that we will eventually be able to decide the Z stacking order of objects. I have come across other cases as well where such a feature would be very useful.


Erase background is tantalizing in this case, because it works while the item is selected, but it stops working as soon as you deselect it.

I had the idea to move the dynamic marking to the bottom staff and flip it above, so it would be drawn later, but that didn’t work either.

P.S. These 2 bars remind me of Chopin’s Nocturne in B major Op. 9 Nº 3.

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