Changing the order of actions in the Expression Map dialog


It happens to want to add an action to a technique. For example, I recently decided to add a CC28 (Dynamic Xfade control on/off) for my VSL maps, to force it on or off depending on the type of articulation.

(No idea if this is a savvy idea, but it can save a lot of time when programming, if the piece requires, for example, that all staccatos are controlled by velocity and long notes by modulation).

Since you can’t change the order of the actions in the Expression Map dialog, the only ways to insert a new action at the beginning of the list is either to:

  • delete all the existing actions, add the new one, then add and program again the older one;
  • export and edit the xmap in an external text editor, then import the xmap again.

Being able to drag the actions in the dialog would be of great help.


You can.png
You mean that ?

Thank you for pointing me toward it! It’s a new features that I hadn’t even noticed!

I’ll take the opportunity to report that the descriptions in the tooltip for the new commands are wrong.