Changing the order of instruments in the mixer

Whilst working on a project in Dorico I have at various points added and substracted players.
While I can rearrange the order of players in the full score layout, I am left with a higgledy-piggledy order of instruments in the mixer channels.
Is there any way of reassigning/reordering the channels in the mixer and/or reassigning/rearranging the order in Halion Sonic SE in order to have a tidier layout?

Unfortunately there’s no way of reordering the channels in the Mixer except by doing Play > Playback Template and reapplying the default playback template, but you will lose any specific adjustments you’ve made when you do so.

Thank you - I hadn’t made any adjustments except the occasional changing of an instrument, so following your suggestion has improved things.

Hey there

Can you now do this in Dorico 4?? my clarinets, flutes, saxes, etc are all over the place. Would be so great to be able to drag the tracks left and right and make them group how you wanted…