Changing the order of the flows disrupts my layout

Hi, I just finished the layout of my all the flows within my project, and as a final touch I wanted to change a bit the order of the flows. And then I notice that doing so disrupts the layout I did before. Each flow should be independent and shouldn’t be affected by the order of the flows right? Any explanation to avoid this in the future?
Many thanks for your answer.
Here’s the example after changing the order of the flows


Also, I tried to lock the layout of my pages and didn’t find out so far how to do (but I confess that I haven’t search deeply for this answer that could be obvious)

Take a look at the Pages panel in the right side of Engrave mode. Do you see any red corners in the list of pages there? If so, these are page overrides, typically created by manually dragging frames on individual pages. (Or adding new frames, or deleting frames, or manually editing the contents of text frames.)

Page Overrides are linked to the page, not the music. This is a design decision I grumbled about back several years ago, and the good news is that there are now at least options in the Pages panel (visible if you select a page or pages there and right-click) to move overrides backwards and forwards within a layout. The bad news is that it’s still fairly manual - you need to keep track of which flows you’re moving and which pages are likely to be affected, and then implement the page shifting yourself.

If you’re likely to be reordering Flows in a project, set up your Page Templates and your Layout Options in such a way that Page Overrides are a rare occurrence.


It’s possible that what you’re seeing in your particular example, though, is to do with Staff Spacing overrides. It’s difficult to know exactly what you’ve done without seeing the project itself, but it may be that you need to redo the staff spacing overrides (and you can reset them within Engrave mode, from the Engrave menu > Staff Spacing > Reset…)