Changing the pitch delta of an microtonal accidental hides it from the score

I’m writing a score using just intonation intervals. The score is almost ready, but I realized the pitch delta of the natural 7th accidental was wrong. After changing the pitch delta, all the natural 7th -accidentals disappeared from the score. The playback is with the old pitch delta and when clicking on the note, in the lower panel it reads (micro). I got the accidentals back into the score just now by changing the pitch delta of the accidental back to the original. Is there a way to modify the pitch delta without the accidentals disappearing? Hide/show doesn’t work on the modified accidentals.

Welcome to the forum, Kyykäärme. This is what I would expect to happen: changing the delta of the accidental doesn’t change the pitches of any existing notes in the score. Notes store their pitch precisely, along with information about which accidental should be shown, provided the accidental definition matches the precise pitch of the note. Once you change the delta of the accidental, that accidental no longer matches the precise pitch of the note, so Dorico will no longer show it. I’m not sure what a good strategy to resolve this would be, unfortunately. I guess you will need to select each of the notes that no longer shows the expected accidental and re-apply it.

I’ve had the same issue, where I find that I had the wrong pitch delta, and then I had to fix a bunch of accidentals. Learning the lesson from my woodworking father, the hard way: measure twice, cut once (!).

Thanks for the replies! Let’s see if I can live with the small deviation or do the work to re-apply the accidentals. :slight_smile: I will learn the lesson Stephen referred to for sure.