Changing the Playback Template of only specific instruments

Hey there - I am arranging some music with colleagues. I am the only one who has Noteperformer, but we all have Virtual Drumline. When I send them a file I’ve worked on, they obviously can’t play the Noteperformer wind instrument sounds. Is there a way for them to apply a Playback Template that would only change the sounds of the wind instruments, but leave our shared VDL configurations in tact?

My approach would be to put the Virtual Drumline for percussion first in the template list, followed by NP in your template, and then by HALion for those that do not have NP. (I would then try this out on a copy of the program to make sure it did not scramble anything.)

(Or course having them buy NP, if only via the monthly plan, would be ideal if they could afford it.)