Changing the "primary" modifier key from Command to Option

Hey all,

I’ve done a bit of searching and can’t find an answer to this. Let’s say, for example, that I want to return a fader or pan pot to 0.0. In most (if not all other) DAW’s on OSX, you would hold Option and click. To do this to multiple faders, you would select the channels and hold Shift + Option.

In Cubase, this is mostly the case, i.e. Shift + Option turns on Q-Link. BUT, because Cubase’s “primary modifier” key is Command. So if I want to select multiple channels and return their volume faders to 0.0, holding Command + Shift + Option doesn’t work (for some reason)–I have to select all the channels, turn on Q-Link with my mouse, and then Command + click the faders to snap them back to 0.0. Too slow, and even after months of using Cubase, my muscle memory asssociates Option with this “primary modifier” function. Also, all of my plugins use Option in this way, so there’s a lack of continuity in my key commands across any given session.

I can’t find how to change this in the Key Commands dialogue. Help?