Changing the Project Folder

Please help :slight_smile:

Somehow the location of my .cpr is different to the location of my audio files.
I want them in the same place, and usually they are by default.
But now all new recordings get saved to a different folder. not good.
That Location can be seen in the pool window under Project Folder/Path.

Can i change that path?

Thx G

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The easiest way is to use File > Back up Project and set the new folder of the backup. All related audio files will come with the project to the given Audio subfolder.

Thanks Martin that is so easy

So now, once i manually make sure all my files are in place, I can go ahead and delete the old project folder and its contents right?


If you are sure the files are not in use in other project, yes, you can.

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