Changing the staves to which a tempo marking is attached

I am engraving some choral scores in which it would be desirable to attach gradual tempo changes to every staff. Is there a way to do that, other than to write them as text?

Staff text is indeed the way. Make it italic.…

Thank you, I suspected as much. More keystrokes, though…

Create a paragraph style that matches your gradual dynamics (probably Academico italics 12pts relative to staff size), press Enter. Reopen the paragraph styles, make that style a default (click on the star icon on the bottom left). Press Enter. Now that paragraph style should be available as a keycommands item. Give it a nice shortcut and you’ll fly with those (and don’t forget to use duplicate to staff above/below)

More keystrokes certainly, but you can copy/paste into each instrument with a single alt-click.

Excellent! This will do nicely. If I could use it with Playback, it would be perfect.

I can’t see why not… it’s supposed to mimic your tempo marking, so use a tempo marking and as many “copies” via text as you need.