Changing the tempo of a copied track/audio file name

I am running Ai elements 11. I am trying to change the tempo of an audio track I copied to another track (just trying to slow down the ending of a guitar bit ). The issue I am having is every time I copy a small snip of the track I want to manipulate and paste it to a new audio track…the pasted file (not track name) gets named the same. When I change the name of the copied track in the upper left (file name). It also renames the original file I copied. Here is where it messes up some things. When I click the musical mode button to edit the tempo of the copied track…it’s also making the tempo change to the original track I copied. Also…now that the original audio file name has been renamed…when I boot up the song it looks for the original recorded file name (ie. audio 02_02) so I then need to search my audio folder for the re-named file. Is this a limitation with Ai? I assume I could export the small snip of audio and drag it back in as a audio file but that seems awkward. New to Cubase so forgive any obvious things I am missing.

You just need to bounce the clip after you move it, that way it becomes a new file that you can operate on,