Changing the timbre of a Midi (bass) track

I took a couple bass grooves from Media Bay dragged them over to a Midi track and then added drums and vocals. I am very happy with the drums grooves in terms of rhythm and notes. I did some Key Editing of them. But I realized that I do not like the timbre of the bass track. I made some beginnery attempts to modify the bass track using effects, etc., in Inspector, but I could not get the bass sound I was looking for. Is it possible to replace the sound of the bass notes in that track. For example can I drag them into Hallion Sonic and replace them with bass sound from there since I like a few there? Is there some other way to simply replace the sounds of the notes in that track?


PS I hope this kind of question is OK for this forum. It is not a problem with Cubase, but rather speaks to my limitations. If there is a better forum here or elsewhere for this kind of question let me know.

If it is a midi (or instrument) track then it must be assigned to an instrument and if it’s assigned an instrument you can edit the instrument or you can change to another instrument.

With the track highlighted, in the inspector you should be able to see under midi inputs the instrument that is loaded (and can select a different instrument here) and under that is the edit instrument button )little keyboard) - You can also open this from the mixer channel by pressing and holding the E button