Changing the volume of a player

I’ve just started out with Dorico and I can’t find out how to increase the volume of a player for playback. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Have you tried adding dynamics? If so, and you still need to boost the volume further, you could try using the Mixer window (shortcut F3).

Thanks Daniel, the mixer did the job. Although it’s a shame that the mixer channels don’t match the names of the players, so you have to count through all the players to find the channel you want. Is there a way of getting the player names onto the mixer channels?

This is no longer the case in the 1.0.10 upgrade, which adds the Short Name of the instrument.

Indeed, Brian, you should make sure you’ve updated to 1.0.10 to benefit from all of the latest fixes and improvements.

Thanks, guys. It’s now working, with the upgrade.