Changing the written tranposed setting

I want to write a jazz lead sheet on a piano instrument to make use of treble and bass clefs - for example melody on the treble clef, rhythmic hits and specific bass lines in the bass clef.

Then I want to print for a transposing instrument of my choice (as well as for concert pitch instruments). Is it possible to achieve this? e.g. print at at concert pitch, change the setting, print a tone up, change the setting, print down a minor third

Is it important that the staves are braced like a piano? If not, then I would suggest adding as many instruments as you want to have transpositions, e.g. a B flat instrument, an E flat instrument, etc., and a non-transposing bass clef instrument. (You can always change all the sounds to piano in Play mode if that’s important to you.)

Have a full score layout that includes all of the instruments, and write your material onto the bass clef and one of the treble clef instruments, then copy and paste to the other transposing instruments.

Finally, for the part layouts in Setup mode, add the bass clef instrument to each of the part layouts for the transposing instruments.

Now you have several versions of the lead sheet ready to go, and you can print the one you want.

Thanks, that seems like a good solution. The only inconvenience would be if I make a change I’d have to copy to all instruments again (not a big issue), or if I’ve tweaked the Engraving I’d have to for all.

But actually going through this thought process I realised I could keep on one instrument and literally transpose the actual pitches between printing. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that as it’s virtually the same as what I wanted

You could also make give your transposed staves cues of the original material rather than copying and pasting, and then fudge your cue settings so that they look like regular notation rather than cues. That way, if you need to change the material it’ll update everywhere simultaneously.