Changing the Y offset of an accidental

Hello Experts,

I’d like to move my selected accidental (see the attached screenshot) a tiny bit down so that it doesn’t conflict with the tie. To my astonishment, I notice that there’s an ‘Accidental X offset’ property which does the intuitive thing, but there’s no corresponding ‘Accidental Y offset’ property. (The ‘Offset’ Common properties have no influence here.)

Could you give me some hint as to what I’m missing here? Thanks in advance!

I think you are missing the fact that moving an accidental vertically is never, ever, done.

It would look as weird as moving a note head up or down a bit relative to the staff lines, to avoid something else in the score!

It isn’t really a problem that the tie cuts through the natural like that, but if you want to avoid it, move the tie up and right so it starts at the right hand side of the first note, not underneath it.

Hi Elwro,
looking at your screenshot I think that moving that accidental will look quite awkward: Accidentals should be vertically centered exactly with the notehead; this becomes obvious especially if you have more than one not above each other. They are also designed with a size to not conflict with staff lines. I don’t feel the conflict with the tie is a big problem… well, that’s what I think and what does not help you at all, I suppose. The problem is that Dorico often thinks this way, too, and does not accept any discussion, as you experience… you might flatten the tie a little more or even put it between the connected noteheads instead of below.
The only direkt solution I can imagine would be to fake it completely using a Shift-X-text with the natural sign and hide the original accidental. This should be Unicode-Hex E261; to enter it, this post might help.

Edit: Rob was faster than me, but I’ll leave the duplicates anyways… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much, guys. I agree now that it was a case of me wanting to overpolish something which should better not be polished in this particular way.

Could’ve sworn I recently saw a nice engraving of polyphonic keyboard music with some accidentals gently dislocated vertically. But of course now I can’t find it :slight_smile:

So thanks again for the sanity check!