Changing the zero point of the loudness meter


is it possible to customize the 0 LU point of the loudness meter? If so, how? 0 LU seems to be hardwired to -23 LUFS.


Have you right click(ed) on the Loudness Meters and checked the Settings dialog ?

regards S-EH

You can set the min and max values and a target values. However, there seems to be no option to move 0 LU to the target loudness. This should be possible.

As far as I know there’s no option for that in Wavelab.

For anything other rhan broadcasting, the use of relative LUs only make sense if you can customize the zero point.


Go to Tab-File/Preferences/Global
select Tab-Formats
change “Loudness Analysis Reference”

regards S-EH


Better than nothing, but this should be configurable per project.