Changing time and ordering files

Hallo friend,
two questions:

  1. is it possible to change tempo e/o signature in a song?
  2. When I’ve imported in the timeline of a song a media From the list in the lower part of the program window, is it possible delete it just in that window?
  3. is it possible to create in the project list a subfolder to save the songs divided by genre?
    Thank you

Hi strato54,

So far Cubasis does not support tempo / signature changes within a song. The feature is on our list for a future upgrade. Same for folder support within the MediaBay.

Please specify what is meant by your second question.


Thank you for your fast replay.
Regards for the second question, I wish to simplify the list of the media (Especially audio file) deleting the item in the list. But I don’t know if deleting them, when I open a previous project that used them I might have some problems.
In the end is it possible to backup all project of Cubasis?
Thank you very much

Hi strato54,

Cubasis offers various ways to backup your files.

I’d suggest to choose the WiFi server option or iTunes File Sharing to transfer files between your computer and Cubasis (and to backup your data).

Please find detailed descriptions of both options in the MediaBay chapter of the in-app help.