Changing Time Base of all Tracks

In a project I’m working on with several hundred tracks, I just noticed that something changed the time base of all tracks from musical to linear. I have several questions:

  1. Is there any easy way to change all the tracks back to musical mode? I really don’t want to change each track individually.
  2. Does anyone know what would have caused the tracks to change time bases in the first place?

Thanks for the help.

I think I figured out the answer two question 2. It appears that if you use tempo detection on a single track, it will change the time base of ALL tracks to linear mode. Can anyone else confirm this issue?

Just to be clear, I am selecting a single clip of an audio track, and running Project->Tempo Detection. After doing this, all of my tracks, including midi tracks, are set to linear mode. I understand that the track used for detection is changed to linear mode, but I’m guessing it is a bug that all of the tracks are changed.

Bump as I’d like to know this as well

I just found with pain that the tracks have changed to linear. And yes, I’ve done tempo detection in this project… so most likely it’s related, if not the cause.

I really would like to know how I can bulk edit the track time base… it’s too much pain to change time base one track at a time. :frowning:

Well if this is the case then perhaps a good feature would be “toggle all midi tracks” and the same for audio tracks, seems like a simple thing that should have been done years ago when tempo detection was introduced.