Changing time signature 6/8 to 3/8 won't work


I have dorico elements 5, and I have problems with changing time signatures to properly work. My score is in 6/8 to bar 47, and then at bar 48 I want to change the time signature to 3/8 and then back to 6/8 at bar 49.
However, when I change bar 48 to 3/8 (by pressing shift + m and then explicitly writing 3/8) it’s still in 6/8, the only difference is that it visually says “3/8” but there is still 6/8th beats in there.
I have read some forums that you should turn on “insert mode”, so I tried this by first deleting the measure 48, then I turn on the insert mode, then I create the measure and set it to “3/8” by again using shift + m and then writing it manually, but this does also not work and it’s still in 6/8.

So any other tips in how I can make this to work ?

Thanks in advance

Please post a Dorico sample to illustrate the problem.

sorry but what do you exactly mean by dorico sample ? Is it sufficent with a photo/snippet of the score ?

Better would be to share the Dorico file, or a cut-down version of your Dorico project file (if you don’t want to share the complete file).

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Holy moly how incredibly embarrassing this is. It’s working now and there was never really a problem - except my exhausted and worn out brain that for some reason didn’t realize that I entered 3/6 and not 3/8, now after changing to 3/8 it’s working without any problems.

Sorry people my bad!


No need to be embarrassed. Glad it works for you now.
Just remember to switch insert mode off after using it :wink: