Changing time signature

Hi there,

Is there a way I can change the time signature for only a bar in a project without affecting the remaining bars? In cubase 6.5, I could simply put the line on the bar and change the bar at the transport controls without affecting the whole song. Now, when I change the time signature (even if its in the middle of the song), all the bars of the song change to the new time signature.

I really appreciate your help!

Thank you so much in advance!


Just use a time signature track and change the time sigbature back to the original after the one bar.
You can do it on the transport anel but i always thought it was easier with a time signature track because you can see everything on the track.
But, to answer your question, i used C6.5 and i was not aware of any way to have the time signature switch back on its own after one bar (i.e. without using a time signature change to tell it to switch back.)


Thank you so much for your help. I will try that out now.

I guess I didn’t explain myself really clear. With 6.5 (& 8) you could change ts (in the transport panel) in any bar, and as you’ve correctly stated, you have to change back to the original after the next bar, just by placing the line on the bar you want to change…however, with 8.5, what I noticed is that when you change the ts in any bar, the whole song changes to that ts.

But thank you again for your advice…will do that now!!!


Yes, unfortunately (IMHO) changing the Time Signature via the Transport Bar now changes the currently-active Time Signature, rather than creating a new one at the Play Cursor position. (and does the same for tempo, even if Tempo is set to “Track” rather than “Fixed”). So, you do now have to insert a new Time Signature event (either from the Time Signature Track in the project window, or the Tempo Track Editor window) at the desired position.