Changing Time Signatures - Number of beats in the bar??

I searched the forum with a couple different ways to phrase my question, to no success - so here goes new post.

I’m working on a score. I currently have a bar of 6/8, followed by a bar of 5/8, followed by a bar of 3/4.
I’ve already added all the music into these bars (and many subsequent bars) - this is now the “going back and revising the music” process.
I’ve decided that I want the 5/8 bar to remain in 6/8. So I need an additional 8th note.
I tried to Shift-M-change the meter of the 5/8 to make it 6/8. I did this with both the standard cursor and the “Insert” cursor. I also tried to select the 6/8 time from the right-hand panel and click it into existence.
In all of these cases, the time signature indeed changes to 6/8. BUT the measure only contains five 8th notes, with no room to add a 6th.
I also tried to simply just delete the 5/8 time signature, allowing the bar to maintain meter from the previously defined signature (6/8). Still no luck.
I expected one of two things to happen: one, all the music to the right gets pulled to the left by an 8th note, filling the blank space by adding an additional 8th note to the measure. OR an 8th note of blank space would be inserted at the end of the bar formerly in 5/8. Neither of these occurred.

Am I doing something incorrectly? Is it a bug? How do I change the time signature such that I get the additional time defined by the signature?

Unrelated note: I do love the program’s starting point. It’s going to easily surpass its competitors with a couple small steps of maturity. Kudos to the design team!


I think the problem is that since you have a 3/4 time signature immediately following the 5/8 bar, when you delete your 5/8 time signature, the 3/4 time signature stays put at the rhythmic position at which it is found, which means that the music in the 3/4 bar can’t be pulled backwards into the now apparently 6/8 bar that precedes it, because in fact it remains 5/8 due to the fact that the 3/4 time signature doesn’t move.

For the time being, you would have to delete the 3/4 time signature as well to sort this out, though obviously this isn’t ideal. We need a couple of extra options to determine what should happen when you delete and insert time signatures, so that you don’t have to unpick multiple steps in order to get to the result that you know you want. Hopefully these options will come soon.

I’m having this same problem. I tried to change the meter to 7/8 and it’s only allowing me to fit in 6 1/8 notes in the measure (coming from 3/4 leading into it). And then I tried to do a measure of 4/4 and it was still acting as if it was in 3/4. Kind of a major problem… :confused: