changing to meter not listed

I did a search on the forum for this and couldn’t find an example returned. I want to change to 7/16 meter. there is an area for creating a time signature. I see the create a time signature, but what happens next? You can’t drag it to the score. perhaps it isn’t implemented yet. but if it is, what am I doing wrong?

Though you can use the palette, try using the pop-over. Select the first note in a measure, and type Shift-M. In the resulting box type the time signature, and voilà! Quite nice.

Or even better, you can type in the subdivisions of the 7/16: [3+4]/16

To use the panel properly, when you see the time signature you want in that preview area, simply click the preview of the time signature to create it. If you already have something selected in the music, then the time signature will be created at the start of the selection; if not, then it’ll be loaded onto the mouse pointer and you can click to input it.