Changing tracks causes Cubase to freeze playback

I’m on a brand new Windows 10 build with the latest Cubase Pro 10. Whenever I click on a different track, Cubase pauses playback and everything becomes unclickable (the interface becomes unresponsive) for about 1 - 2 seconds. Then, the playhead skips forward in time, the interface unfreezes, and playback resumes.

Any help diagnosing and fixing would be awesome! I’ve been searching Google far too long

Navigating to a different via the keyboard (not just clicking with the mouse) also freezes the interface. And it looks like it doesn’t matter whether it’s playing or not - the interface is totally frozen for up to 4 seconds… This is driving me nuts :frowning:

Yep, still have the issue. I’ll have a session that’s good. I’ll save it, close down for the night. Come back the next day, and blam! I have an extremely hard time working.

The meter within Cubase doesn’t seem to be spiking. In fact - if I watch the system CPU meter, it DROPS significantly every time. It’s like Cubase is discontinuing processing temporarily.

What’s going on?!