Changing Tracktypes?

Hello all,

I have this weird and very annoying problem and I hope you guys know an answer.

I have a project with 2 guitars: left and right. They have to be (digitally) reamped, so I create 4 FX channels and route both guitars to 2 of them. The new tracks are named: Guitar Low L, Guitar Low R, Guitar High L, Guitar High R. Don’t know if it’s important to know, but I just wanted to be thorough about this.

On all 4 channels I use amplitube 3 and use a different setting for High and Low guitar.

The Low Guitars go to a group channel Guitar Low, the High Guitars go to a group channel Guitar High. They I combine those 2 in 1 group channel called Guitars.

So far so good.

Now, when I save this project, Lots of weird things happen. Like:

  • Suddenly 1 of the High/Low channels is in an instrument channel? (a channel with an Arrow), instead of group
  • Suddenly my guitars are out of sync
  • Some parts seemed to have moved… (like a different guitar solo, totally out of sync with the rest of the song)
  • Feels like there is delay on the guitars (but this is probably because they’re out of sync)

As soon as I delete the 4 FX channels and Amplitube, it works again and everything is in sync…

Any idea what’s happening here ?

My system is Windows 8 64-bit, Cubase 7.01 64-bit, I use Jbridge for Amplitube. I have a Quad Core (older) Intel CPU and 4 GB of memory.

It always worked like a charm on C6…