Changing Trombone Bb to orchestral Bass Clef in C

I have Trombone in Bb player / part in a wind band arrangement of an orchestral work. It’s written in transposed treble clef. The player wants it written in bass clef in C. I can go into clef and transposition overrides in Setup - Layouts and change to bass clef easily, but I can’t find a C in the “Written middle C sounds as” dialogue, although logic tells me Bb is natural. Can I find a C? is there another route to giving the player what they want as Bass clef in C which is more commonly encountered in orchestras and Wind Bands. Thanks

You’re doing it the correct way IMO (it’s what I usually do anyways).

You want the option circled at the bottom here. Set “Clef for first staff” to Bass Clef as you’ve said, and then you need to click the toggle and set “Written middle C sounds as” to C4 which will give you middle C.

Small warning: if you’re dealing with XML imports from other software you may find that the new clef does not appear in the part, because the import will come with a explicit clef at the start of the music which “overrides the override”. If you select the clef at the beginning of the trombone part and delete it, all will be well.

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Thanks - Done