Changing trombones and tuba condensing between 2 staves in the middle of the system

Dear all, I need to make condensing change for Trombone III and Tuba in the middle of the stave like this:

I tried everything but couldn’t succeed. Is it possible at all in Dorico 3.5? Or it’s only possible to make such condensing change inside one stave?

Welcome to the forum @red_parrot - only one condensing change can take effect per system (this is mentioned in the manual here in the Casting off segment).

In this instance, for a still quite clean result you could have the 3rd trombone on the bottom staff with the tuba from the start of the system? Just in case you’ve not come across condensing groups before, there’s some more information.

Thank you very much, Lillie! I have been using Dorico for 2,5 years and of course I have to use the condensing function. But it’s the first time I encountered this specific problem.