Changing tuplet on next beat

Is it possible that Dorico resets or overrides the tuplet entry while using the popover again?
If I want a triplet on one beat and a quintuplet on the next beat, I have to deactivate the tuplet before I type the new one in the popover. If not, the new one will not be accepted with the popover. I find this quite annoying, because it happens all the time and is an unnecessary step. It would be great if the new tuplet would be possible without deactivating the tuplet all the time. Or have an option that a popover tuplet will only be for one tuplet and will deactivate after the entry.
Actually it would be great to have the option for articulations to ( one articulation only and automatic reset). It happens all the time to me that I have to delete all the articulations I typed accidentally because I forgot to reset it.

I respectfully disagree. Because Dorico is great with nested tuplets. Once you really need those, you know why you have to reset the tuplet tool when needed
I’d add that it’s not rare to have a succession of triplets, and it’s nice not to have anything to do but go on with entering notes without fiddling with the tuplet tool. Of course, your mileage may vary…


Remember, you can de-activate the current tuplet with shift-; So when writing consecutive different tuplets just type shift-; ; and your new ratio.


Nested tuplets don’t relate to my request. They are as easy possible with resetting the tuplet tool after one tuplet. I agree that it sometimes happen to have a series of triplets but in my music the tuples change all the time and an option for an automatic reset would help a lot. Same for articulations as I hardly ever have a series of the same articulations.

Articulation input is sticky by default? I guess I had forgotten that. It’s not with these settings anyway:

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