Changing tuplets

Is is possible to adjust the durations, ratios etc of an existing tuplet?

Say, for example, I enter a tuplet with the ratio 5:4. How can I change that to, say, 5:3 or 5:6?

Also, what if the base duration of the tuplet needs to be changed part-way through entering it. For example, 16th-note duration is selected, 3:2 is entered in the tuplet popover but it needs to be changed to a 3:2 with 32nd-note duration? Simply delete and start again or is there an easier way?


It really depends on context.

If you delete a tuplet then its notes will spill to the right, overwriting following notes.

If you turn on Insert mode before deleting a tuplet then the following notes will be shunted to the right, which may cause problems downstream (particularly if you have multiple voices on the staff). In this situation it may be wise to cut and paste the material to a separate flow or an empty stave, alter the tuplets, then cut and paste back.

If you want to replace e.g. a 5:4 with a 5:3, select the tuplet (number or bracket) and hit delete. You should find that the first note that was previously in the tuplet is selected. Now type ; 5:3 Enter.

You can specify the note value of a tuplet explicitly within the popover, using w for whole note/semibreve, h for half/minim, q for quarter/crotchet, e for eighth/quaver, and then x y and z for 16ths/semiquavers, 32nds/demis and 64ths/hemis, e.g. 4:3e for fourth eighths/quavers in the time of three eighths/quavers.

Thanks. That’s a great help.

Is this documented in the manual?

Yes. See Tuplets popover

The task for inputting tuplets now also recommends including the beat unit primarily. Additionally, tables for beat units you can include have been added/clarified for tempo marks and the bars and barlines popover.