Changing two players to one

I have a bunch of xml files of organ music. Due to the way the xml was produced I end up with an Organ player and a Pedal player. I need to combine those three staves (2 players) into a single 3-staff organ player. In setup I can add a new Organ player then copy & paste.

However, since Dorico (for reasons I don’t fully understand) treats copy & paste on a per instrument basis rather than a per staff basis I can’t select the three original staves (2 players) and paste onto the three staves of the new Organ player. I have to copy/paste the first player, then copy/paste the 2nd player. Lots of extra work when I’m looking at over 100 titles.

Is there a way to avoid those extra steps and convert/change the original two players to one? Or is there a way to copy from 3 staves (2 players) to 3 staves (1 player)? (Paste special doesn’t help).

How about, in Setup, change the two stave organ instrument to a 3 stave organ. Then in Write, select all the lone pedal part and use Alt-N to move the notes to the new organ pedal line?
(This approach worked for me when a bunch of piano xmls arrived as two single stave pianos)

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I forgot to mention I’d tried that. I end up, in page view or galley view, with a 2-staff organ (no pedals). Also, the sort order of the players changes. The original pedal player is now above the newly changed organ player. I have hide empty staves set to never.

James, you could manually change the player order, rather than settle for the default placement by Dorico. Just move the orphaned pedal part right below the correct pedal part and go from there.

It wouldn’t really solve my problem. When I change the imported 2-staff organ player to a 3-staff organ, it doesn’t appear to do anything except move the pedal player to the top. It does not create a 3-staff organ player. I only have the original 2-staff organ player and the separate pedal player (now at the top). I don’t know if it is a bug, but I’m not getting a 3-staff organ player when I change the original imported 2-staff organ player to a 3-staff organ.

Someone may ask since I have the organ manuals and pedals on import, what’s the problem? The problem is the imported pedal part is an independent player (a single staff) so the vertical spacing between the organ manuals (grand staff) and the pedals is wrong no matter how one sets the vertical spacing options. With a three-staff organ player, the vertical spacing is correct.

This would suggest you are doing something wrong! Can you post an example of the problem?

There are no special options for the treatment of the spacing for pedal staves anyway. This is a long-standing (if relatively unimportant) feature request of mine. You have to adjust the distance to the pedal manually if you want it to be smaller than the inter manual gap.