Changing unit of movement with command-option?

I’ve searched the forums but can’t find anything about this to date. Is it possible to change the unit of object movement when using command+option keys (⌘⌥ Mac)? i.e. can I reduce the ‘big jump’ to a certain number of one-step (⌥ only) steps?
I find the ⌘⌥ step too large for efficient workflow in Engrave mode, and I would like to reduce the size of it.

Are you talking about changing the grid size in the lower left corner of the screen?


no, I’m talking about the unit of movement of an object, e.g. a dynamic. when moving in Engrave mode.

I find the Mac icons for keys confusing, but have you tried OPT + arrow keys for small steps (leaving out the CMD key)?

yes – that makes a single step movement. I’m trying to reduce the number of single steps that make up a large jump (using command key)

Yes, there is a way: add the Shift key! See Moving items graphically. In engrave mode:
⌘⇧⌥-arrows move by ¹⁄₃₂ space
⌥-arrows move by ⅛ space (beams by ¼ space)
⇧⌥-arrows move by ½ space
and ⌘⌥-arrows move by 1 space


oh wow I didn’t know about this! gamechanger… Thanks!